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I want to live at Sycamore Kitchen

Sycamore Kitchen is one of my favorite places in LA. I needed to escape from work today for a little bit and went here for a feel good meal. It’s such a cute place.. there is an outdoors seating area and inside, it looks like a rustic, modern loft. Everything I have eaten here so far has been so delicious.. the food tastes fresh & homemade and the pastries are mouth watering. I really just want to stay there all the time. Maybe next time I will bring a pillow and nap between meals. Go immediately! 🙂 I love latte art! Latte & flourless lemon custard almond tart Double B-LTA: crispy & braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic tomatoes, avocado, mayo & country bread Grilled short rib sandwich with onion-stout jam, mushrooms, swiss, horesradish mayo. This melts in your mouth. Split pea soup with bacon, snap peas & cherry tomato. This is probably the best split pea I’ve ever tasted.