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make your own Vietnamese spring rolls

My friend Diana first introduced me to Vietnamese spring rolls when she bought a batch from Brodard Chateau. I instantly liked them and probably ate five more afterwards. It’s so fresh with all the vegetables and you can add shrimp or pork. I’m actually craving some now! I’m still trying to eat healthy before my friend’s wedding tomorrow to fit into my bridesmaid dress (but after tomorrow, it’s game on!) so I decided to make some spring rolls at home. You will need rice paper and you can choose the ingredients you want to include. Alot of recipes use vermicelli noodles but I skipped out on them in order to be healthier. Here is what I used! Layer all your ingredients and pack it tight as you roll it up. You can dip in fish sauce or a spicy peanut sauce. Fresh, crunchy & yummy! 🙂 Here are good recipes to refer to for the rolls & a peanut dipping sauce: