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summer salads

My friend and I were bored and she had an idea to make summer salads. These are two great summer salad recipes we found to make that are good for any occasion.. lunch, dinner party or potluck. The first is a lemon basil shrimp salad that takes a bit longer to prepare and you have to wait to marinate. We didn’t make the parmesan baskets and we also didn’t wait to marinate or chill as the recipe stated.. basically, we are terrible at following directions but nevertheless, it turned out yummy! (we were hungry & eager to eat!) The second recipe is for a tomato, peach & burrata salad. This is so easy to make.. just chop up your tomatoes, peaches, heat up balsamic vinegar, drizzle that and some burrata & basil and it’s ready! Two important things: make sure your peaches are ripe and juicy and although the recipe says you can substitute burrata for mozzarella, I recommend sticking with burrata. It’s creamier and I think it is better for this salad. * Lemon …

Barefoot Contessa’s fennel & garlic shrimp

I recently received “Barefoot Contessa Foolproof” as a gift and have been waiting to try a new recipe. I love going through cook books, staring at the delicious looking food, and book marking recipes. Foolproof dishes are deeply satisfying, recipes that you can trust and as Ina Garten wrote: “when a recipe becomes truly foolproof, you feel that you can almost make it with your eyes closed.” That is how I feel about Ina’s recipes– they are always reliable and you want to make dishes over again. I chose this recipe for fennel & garlic shrimp because I needed a fairly simple dish to make at a friend’s house. It’s super easy and oh so delicious. I did not end up using Pernod or fleur del sel and the truth is, I didn’t feel like buying them. Pernod is an optional ingredient anyways and I just used kosher salt. It’s a dish perfect for sharing. I recommend eating with toasted baguette to dip in the sauce or with basmati rice. My only warning is that …

a miso night

I decided to try two new recipes tonight that included miso in both dishes: garlic noodles with miso butter & miso butter shrimp. they are both quick, easy dishes that require simple ingredients. for the garlic noodles, all you have to do is sautee butter, chopped green onions, minced garlic, & then add miso paste, oyster sauce and stir in cooked spaghetti. I would add more miso & oyster sauce if you like your pasta to have more sauce. for the miso butter shrimp, mix miso paste, sake, mirin & melted butter in a bowl and add shrimp to marinate for 10 min. then cook the shrimp in a pan.. so easy & miso-licious! 🙂 both recipes courtesy of: