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toast two ways

I love trying different toppings on toast. It’s not just butter and jam on toast now.. there are so many other things you can put. Here are two different ways from Bon Appetit to make toast more interesting and tasty. The first is savory toast with Greek yogurt, radishes & scallions. I like the freshness and crunch from the radishes & scallions. The second is scandi toast with butter, smoked salmon and cucumbers. Smoked salmon is so good and tastes good on anything. If you’re bored with butter & jam, try these recipes! 🙂 Recipes for savory toast and scandi toast courtesy of Bon Appetit: Spread sprouted sourdough or whole wheat toast with Greek yogurt. Top with shaved radishes, sliced scallion, and flaky sea salt. Spread pumpernickel toast with salted butter. Top with smoked fish and cucumber coins.