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go here: Republique

If you haven’t been to Republique yet, you must go soon. It is one of my favorite new places for brunch/lunch. Everything I have eaten so far has been delicious. The restaurant is beautiful- it looks like you are inside a castle and I love the sunlight shining through the ceiling & windows. They have fresh fruit juices and freshly baked pastries. I want to eat them all. You’ll also be surprised to know that one of my favorite dishes there is the kimchi fried rice! It comes with short ribs and a perfectly poached egg on top. I’m lucky it is near my work so I can go there frequently. 🙂 pictured: biscuits & gravy, wild mushroom toast, kimchi fried rice pictured: smoked salmon tartine

what’s for lunch: lentil salad

I have been trying to be healthy & save money by bringing lunch to work. Sometimes you need a good ol burrito/burger or you get lazy and don’t want to prepare food but I got inspired recently after I weighed myself and looked at my bank account.. both weren’t so pretty. So for this week, I made a lentil salad. I never cooked with lentils before but tried the already cooked lentils from Trader Joes and thought it was good. This recipe was inspired by my friend Lauren. I went over to her place for dinner and she made a delicious lentil salad and I kept refilling my plate with it. It’s pretty simple: just cook your lentils, add in dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard), salt, pepper, lemon juice, red onions, parsley & arugula. Mix all together and you have a fresh salad that is perfect for lunch or side dish. I made it last night (I couldn’t resist a few spoonfuls) and packed it away for lunch this week. Hopefully I …

I want to live at Sycamore Kitchen

Sycamore Kitchen is one of my favorite places in LA. I needed to escape from work today for a little bit and went here for a feel good meal. It’s such a cute place.. there is an outdoors seating area and inside, it looks like a rustic, modern loft. Everything I have eaten here so far has been so delicious.. the food tastes fresh & homemade and the pastries are mouth watering. I really just want to stay there all the time. Maybe next time I will bring a pillow and nap between meals. Go immediately! 🙂 I love latte art! Latte & flourless lemon custard almond tart Double B-LTA: crispy & braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic tomatoes, avocado, mayo & country bread Grilled short rib sandwich with onion-stout jam, mushrooms, swiss, horesradish mayo. This melts in your mouth. Split pea soup with bacon, snap peas & cherry tomato. This is probably the best split pea I’ve ever tasted.

new favorite place: blue plate

if you haven’t gone to Blue Plate in Santa Monica, you need to go immediately. I went for lunch and already want to go back soon. the restaurant is small but it is cute and located in a nice neighborhood where you can walk around and shop.. it is perfect for a weekend brunch/lunch. I couldn’t decide what to order because everything sounded so good but I finally narrowed it down to the breakfast quesadilla or the brown rice bowl. I asked the waitress for her input and she said the rice bowl is delicious and she was right! it’s simple, healthy and satisfying: brown rice mixed with wild mushrooms, tomatoes, arugula, spinach, zucchini in a mojo de ajo sauce. my friend ordered the grilled fish tacos which was also delicious: fresh tilapia, cabbage, corn tortilla & spicy cilantro aioli. can’t wait to go back and try the other entrees! 🙂