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the best Kbbq in K-Town

If you’re familiar with Korea Town, you know that there is a Korean BBQ restaurant on like every corner. I have been to so many different restaurants but I have to say my all time favorite one is Hae Jang Chon. It’s all you can eat meat for $17.99 which includes egg casserole, side dishes, salad. I love the kimchi, bean sprouts & kimchi pancakes on the grill but the best part of the meal is the kimchi fried rice at the end. Make sure you even it out thin & flat so it gets crispy. No matter how full I get, even if I have to loosen my belt, I always make sure there is room for the rice!

all you can eat kbbq

it’s probably not a good thing when you purposely loosen your belt before dinner but that’s what I did before I went to Moo Dae Po II for all you can eat Korean BBQ. we chose the $19.99 ayce option which comes with 25 different kinds of meat. this place always has great side dishes and I always tell people it’s like you’re clubbing & eating at the same time because they dim the lights & play bumping music. the only thing that disappointed me this time was they don’t give you the knife noodles at the end.. you have to pay for it now. but I guess that’s a good thing.. as if we needed more food after the endless meat.