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go here: Commissary

If you haven’t been to Commissary yet, you should go soon. It’s the new restaurant from Roy Choi, located on the second floor at The Line Hotel and it is beautiful! Roy wrote on his Instagram that he was “building a country club for the public” and he delivered. You’re inside a spacious greenhouse, surrounded by plants and the glistening sun. It’s like a magical scene from a movie, like you are in a secret garden. The cocktails are served in big plastic cups, the service is great, and the food is beautifully styled on pretty plates that I want to steal. The food is flavorful and rich, complimented with savory sauces. I have gone twice now and I loved the ambience and food. The restaurant is next to the pool so next time, I plan on laying out for a bit and then enjoying another delicious meal. Well done, Roy Choi! 🙂 grilled corn with parmesan, kochukaru, yellow sauce, red sauce deviled eggs with chives, cayenne, sweet relish, red onion seared scallops with lemon …

best hangover soup: Han Bat Sul Long Tang

I am a big fan of LA Eater’s posts. They provide great lists that I follow. I love it everytime they release new lists and it makes me want to go and try the places they recommend. They posted this recent list- 13 beef soups that will make your hangover disappear- which is brilliant and so helpful! However, one restaurant is missing… come on LA Eater, how could you forget the king of all beef soups! Han Bat Sul Long Tang has the BEST beef soup in town, hands down. It is such a simple meal- soup, rice & kimchi & radish but it always hits the spot. And let me tell you, it has saved me several times from the worst hangovers. I don’t know what it is but that first spoonful is always so amazing. It’s weird to be so thankful for a bowl of soup but it’s true. There is no other sul long tang that cures me like Han Bat and I have several friends who agree that they have the …

OB Bear feast

Korean bars have the best food. Who needs chips & fries when you can eat all this deliciousness! Here is our feast at OB Bear in Korea Town. fried chicken grilled gizzard with garlic.. ok, I used to think this was disgusting but I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty tasty. spicy octopus with noodles– you may need some water for the spiciness but it’s yummy. spicy pork stirfry.. also spicy but good with rice. seafood pancake and lastly, a little Korean jager bomb action. Our own version of a jager bomb that includes a shot of coke at the bottom, a shot of soju on top, topped with beer. The bit of coke at the end adds a refreshing taste! I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow where I will be at the beach in a bikini… all this food didn’t help the belly (a one piece or a coat sounds pretty appealing) but it was worth it. 🙂