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4 different ways to cook tilapia

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I had four pieces of tilapia in the fridge so I decided to cook them four different ways to see which would be the best.   I mean, why eat all four pieces the same way when you can mix it up right? 🙂

Here are the different ways I cooked the fish with a quick recap:

1. Panko crusted tilapia: breaded with flour, egg, panko & fried in a pan. Soft, flaky fish with a nice crisp.
* check out this recipe:

2. Parmesan crusted tilapia: breaded with parmesan cheese, paprika, parsley & baked in the oven. Simple, cheesy & flavorful.
* recipe from:

3. Pan seared tilapia with capers: breaded with flour, pan seared with butter, wine, lemon, capers & parsley. Love the lemony, tangy sauce.
* check out my own recipe:
* similar recipe but with garlic & shallots :

4. Baked tilapia with garlic butter: garlic, butter & lemon sauce poured over fish & baked in the oven. Soft, buttery fish.
* recipe from:

My favorite was #3: pan seared tilapia with capers. I just love capers and fish- it’s such a yummy combo and I like the tanginess. I was quite surprised with #2: parmesan crusted tilapia. I wasn’t sure if I would like the cheese breading but it was good! It’s a very quick & simple recipe. I definitely want to eat it again. I liked #1: panko crusted tilapia for the crunchiness but I prefer this method with chicken. And #4: baked tilapia with garlic butter was my least favorite. I think I needed more sauce on top. It was fine but I didn’t love it.

So there you have it, my tilapia challenge has been completed. It was fun trying different methods & recipes. Now, I challenge you! 🙂

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