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my favorite Korean soup: kimchi stew


Kimchi jji gae aka kimchi stew is one of my favorite Korean soups/dishes.. I eat it at restaurants, order it to-go, ask my mom to make it when I go home.. Whenever I’m home, I usually have more than two bowls because Mom’s cooking is always the best. Sadly, sometimes I have to settle with my own version. It’s easy to make though and you can add more ingredients to your liking; ie: more garlic or hot red pepper paste if you like spiciness. One ingredient I recently tried adding was sugar. I was making kimchi stew and my friend Sam said to add sugar. At first, I was like eh??? But I decided to listen to him since he cooks well and it was a nice touch. You don’t have to follow the exact measurements below because honestly, I didn’t measure anything myself- I just threw however much I wanted into the pot and you can always add more of something after you taste. You can also add different meats like pork belly or tuna and other extras like rice cakes, mushrooms. In the end, you have a big pot of delicious, spicy soup. I always like to eat it with a bowl of rice 🙂

kimchi, cut
1/2 onion, sliced
1 tablespoon of garlic (or more if desired)
tofu, sliced
spam, sliced
2 tablespoons of hot red pepper paste
1/2 tablespoon of sesame oil
olive oil
3 cups of water
optional: sugar, enoki mushrooms & green onions for garnish

1. In a large pot, add oil and sautee onions for a couple minutes.
2. Add kimchi, garlic & sesame oil and cook for a couple more minutes.
3. Add water & red pepper paste and bring to a boil.
4. Bring heat to medium and add spam & tofu.
5. Garnish with mushrooms & green onions.

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