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mmm avocado toast with toppings


Why is avocado toast so good?? It’s amazing to think that something so simple can be so delicious… and who even thought of it? Because that person is awesome to think of mashing avocado and spreading it on bread.

The first time I had avocado toast was at one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles: The Eveleigh. And I remember it was sort of like love at first bite and I couldn’t believe I had never tried it before.

It’s a great item to include with breakfast or to serve as an appetizer. You simply mash up an avocado in a bowl, add a good squeeze or two of lemon juice, salt & pepper. Then spread it on sliced, toasted bread. I sliced up a sourdough baguette and popped them in the oven.

Then comes the fun part.. toppings! Obviously it would be good with just the avocado spread but you can also add some toppings for better taste and presentation.

My four toppings:
1. sliced cherry tomatoes
2. thinly sliced radishes
3. a sprinkle of paprika
4. sliced boiled egg

You can get creative and add other toppings.. maybe some bacon bits, arugula, sunflower seeds or just pile up the avocado!  🙂

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