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gained alot of weight but I still love you, Austin


A few friends and I went to Austin for a weekend getaway and while I had a great time, I unfortunately came back several pounds heavier. It’s also bad timing since I am a bridesmaid at a wedding this weekend and my dress wouldn’t zip up at my last fitting. Sad but true. So I have been attempting to be healthy and work out this week to try and fit into that dress. But I have to say, every meal and pound gained was worth it.

Everything I ate over the weekend was DELICIOUS. Here is a recap of some of the best meals:

left to right
1. Salt Lick BBQ: This was my first meal as soon as I landed. It’s a popular BBQ place in Austin and conveniently located at the airport. I got a smoked sausage platter. It was good but I think Iron Works BBQ is better (see below).
2. Hop Doddy Burger Bar: This is a place you must check out! It’s so good, we went twice. The first time we went, we managed to avoid a line but there is usually a long line that goes around the building.. that’s when you know it has to be good. They use fresh, all natural ingredients. I got the Magic Shroom burger: Angus beef, Texas goat cheese, field mushrooms, mayo & basil pesto. It melted in my mouth. We went again on our last day and in an attempt to make myself feel better, I ordered the Hail Caesar salad and added a black bean & corn patty… also delicious & filling!
3. Magnolia Café: This is a great place to go for brunch. It’s like good comfort food and tastes like a home cooked meal. I saw someone else with this dish so I had to order it- the Migas: eggs scrambled with tomato, onions, jalapenos, bell pepper, tortilla chips, cheddar/jack cheese with black beans, rice & tortillas. Spicy, yummy, all washed down with a mimosa.
4. Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar: So we went here immediately after eating at Magnolia. We just wanted to sit at the bar for a drink but couldn’t resist ordering food after looking at the menu. The clam chowder was hearty and the oysters were fresh. They have a great outdoors patio too.
5. Guero’s Taco Bar: Ok so we went here after Perla’s. In our defense, they’re nearby each other and both were recommended so of course we have to go! There is a restaurant with indoors seating and a really cute outdoors area with a bar, taco bar & live music. The tacos al pastor were a tasty snack.
6. Iron Works BBQ: Everyone needs some good BBQ in Texas. I got a beef brisket plate that comes with potato salad & baked beans. Their smoked sausage is also really good and I liked it better than Salt Lick BBQ.
7. Second Bar + Kitchen: This was the nicest restaurant we went to in Austin. We went for brunch and everything on the menu sounded good and I had to get a bite of everyone’s food. I ordered the corned beef hash with Brussels sprouts, fresno chiles, Yukon golds, caramelized onions & poached eggs. The dish itself looked like art.
8. Biscuits & Groovy: This was further out in the city and required a cab ride but after looking at photos, we had to go. Biscuits smothered in white pepper gravy with sausage. Do I need to say anything else? Just go.
9. Taco Deli: I got a few recommendations to here so we had to make a stop here before heading to the airport and I wish I had more room in my stomach because it was delicious. I got the Mojo Fish Taco: line-caught Texas Gulf Coast Drum fillets grilled with a mojo-garlic sauce and garnished with homemade guacamole and pico de gallo.

So as you can see, I ate ALOT and gained a lot of weight but I was happy with everything I ate. Also, why are drinks so cheap in Austin?? On one night, I ordered a round of 10 shots and it was $30. I would save a lot of money if I moved there 🙂

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