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Homemade hwe dup bab


What is hwe dup bab you ask? It is one of my favorite dishes: a Korean sashimi rice bowl that includes sliced sashimi, vegetables & a spicy chili pepper paste. You can get creative and add whatever ingredients you desire but the basic ingredients you need are: rice, a variety of sashimi, red leaf lettuce, sliced cucumbers & carrots, perilla leaves, seaweed, sesame oil & chili pepper paste. You can choose your favorite sashimi- I used tuna & salmon. The sashimi package also included some salmon roe & sliced radish so it was perfect! For veggies, instead of carrots, I used Japanese gobo root. You can also add sliced red onions, red cabbage, sprouts. I have seen some recipes that use sliced apples or pears too. Depending on how spicy you like things, you can add as much chili pepper paste as you want. It is so good, I want more! πŸ™‚

cooked rice
sliced sashimi
chopped red leaf lettuce
thinly sliced cucumber
thinly sliced carrots
sliced perilla leaves
chili pepper paste (kochujang or if you don’t have, you can use Sriracha)
sesame oil
shredded roasted seaweed

1. Slice sashimi, cucumber, carrots, perilla leaves & chop lettuce.
2. Place all ingredients on top of cooked rice
3. Drizzle sesame oil and sprinkle seaweed on top.
4. Add chili pepper taste to your liking.

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