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seared scallops with pea puree


I always get random thoughts in my head about what to eat.  The other day, I thought about scallops and some kind of sauce to go with it and thought it might be interesting to try making a pea puree.  Two things I decided after making this:  better to cook with fresh scallops & always go with the jumbo scallops.. bigger is better right? 🙂  I went with the smaller scallops at the market and they were still a little frozen so they didn’t sear as well as I wanted but it was still a pretty tasty dish.   I have always hated peas– I was the girl who picked peas out of fried rice but for some reason, I like split pea soup and have been peas here & there.  This pea puree is pretty good– a nice combination of garlic, cheese & mint.  Try it & let me know what you think!  🙂

My recipe for seared scallops with pea puree
serving for 1

scallops (I eat alot so I bought 6 for myself.. they were small!)
olive oil

pea puree:
1 cup of fresh or frozen peas
3 tablespoons freshly grated parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon chopped mint
2 cloves of chopped garlic

1.  Cook the peas in boiling water for about 2 min & save some of the water.
2.  Transfer the peas to a blender or food processor & add cheese, mint, garlic and blend until smooth.  Add some water if needed.  You can add more cheese/mint/garlic depending on your taste.
3.  Make sure you pat your scallops dry & then season with salt & pepper.
4.  Add oil to pan and place scallops & sear for about 2-3 min on each side.
5.  Spoon the puree onto a place and put scallops on top

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