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7 lbs heavier but I ain’t mad

I just got back from my first trip to Asia and reluctantly weighed myself and learned that I gained a good 7 lbs. That’s right, 7 lbs. Normally, I would be upset but I can’t even be upset because I ate so much delicious food and I had to take advantage of my time there. Here are my top 7 favorite meals:

shen jian bao at Yang’s Dumpling in Shanghai: these fried soup dumplings were so good- a little crispy on the outside, filled with hot soup that hit the spot.

grilled prawns with garlic, onions & noodles at Baan Chom View in Phuket

old style sausage burger with egg in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur: so simple, so delicious with a little bit of a kick.

fried fish with chili sauce at Sea Hag Restaurant in Phuket: we ate so much steamed fish on this trip but this was the best- fried on the outside but soft & flaky inside with a spicy sauce.

sesame noodles with pork in Shanghai: this was at a hole in the wall place- I usually don’t like peanut butter tasting food but these noodles were yummy- creamy & spicy with fried pork.

peking duck at Xindalu, Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai: I’m not a fan of duck but this place is known for their peking duck & I had to try it- crispy & tender duck wrapped in a pancake with cucumber & onion.. a pleasant delight.

dim sum at Crystal Jade in Shanghai

All in all, an amazing trip with new experiences & delicious food. Now, I should probably think about hitting the gym sometime soon…

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