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macrobiotic food can be delicious!

If you know me (or just look at my pics), you know I’m not really a healthy eater but I try sometimes. When you hear the words macrobiotic food, you don’t imagine it to be good but it actually is delicious. One of my favorite places is M Cafe which serves contemporary macrobiotic cuisine. Say what? All their food is prepared fresh daily and there is no use of any refined sugars, eggs, diary, red meat or poultry. Hmm.. so what do they serve then? Just trust & go there soon because you will not be disappointed and you won’t feel guilty about what you eat.. like the chocolate fudge cake I ate at the end? Nope, don’t feel guilty about it at all. It is a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it. I would eat there everyday if I could.


teriyaki brown rice bowl with black cod & steamed vegetables

roasted vegetables

sesame soba noodle salad: definitely must try!

chocolate fudge cake

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