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dineLA: The Bazaar by Jose Andres

if I had to describe my dining experience at The Bazaar by Jose Andres (at SLS Hotel), I would say it was very interesting. I have been wanting to eat there since I heard it was really good so dineLA was the perfect opportunity to try multiple dishes for $45. my favorite dishes were the Wild Mushroom Rice, Sea Scallops & Croquetas de Pollo. everything was pretty good except the Tortilla de Patatas. my only complaint was that the portions were so small, we had to order more food because I was still hungry (maybe I eat too much but my defense is that I was sick over the weekend so I was happy to finally have a yummy meal). all the dishes had interesting combinations of flavor. after dinner, they take you to the patisserie where you eat dessert. it felt like you were in Paris for 5 minutes. overall, it was a good experience & everything was tasty but now I can say I’ve been there & don’t think I need to go back anytime soon.

Philly Cheesesteak: air bread, cheddar, Wagyu beef– the server said it’s “time sensitive” so you have to eat it right away.. it oozed out cheese.

Dungeness Crab: pipirrana, Andalusian vegetables
Mediterranean Mussels: olive oil, vinegar, pimenton

Tortilla de Patatas “New Way”: potato foam, egg 63, caramelized onions– meh, this was weird to me.

Croquetas de pollo: chicken & bechamel fritters– so creamy.

Sea scallops in Romesco sauce– this was delicious

Braised Wagyu beef cheeks

Wild mushroom Rice with Idiazabal cheese– this was like a risotto

not on dineLA menu: Smoked Yellowtail with crispy rice

not on dineLA menu: Oxtail steamed buns with watermelon radish & cilantro

Traditional Spanish Flan with vanilla & fruit

Pan Con Chocolate: chocolate flan with caramelized bread, olive oil & brioche ice cream


  1. i totally felt the same way after i went. just like meh, it was an interesting experience but not filling nor would i really want to go back again.

  2. Oh god I’m so unrefined….do they really take you to a different room for dessert?? I’m only a little obsessed with Paris right now so it might be worth it just for the Paris feel??? Lol.

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